Jordan Daniel

Whether Jordan is writing acoustically under moniker Borderline Angelic, scratching out club beats with experimental project Electric Dreams Fantasy Boy, exploring 8-bit sounds and field recording with the electronic Pareidolia, or even playing homage to David Byrne and early ska in Captain Sizzle At The CBGB - the founder of Sudden Epidemic and the "voice" of Jane Lane plays music wherever he goes.

When not dancing the tango with lady Music herself, Jordan enjoys croquet, Regina Spektor, cooking, The Dark Knight, Magic: The Gathering, composition notebooks, horror movies, Terry Gilliam, concerts, quidditch, Blue Indigo, Mel Brooks, Richard Linklater, Photoshop, the internet, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, milk, Stanley Kubrick, new wave, Moog, the color pink, and the number 136.

The Early Morning Brings Ghosts To Life

This morning sucked; it's hard to look over at a clock reading "3:00 AM" (knowing you will have to deal with waking up at 6:30) and not get a little frustrated.  After tossing and turning for probably about four hours, I abandoned all hope for required REM and settled for the leftovers.

I feel pretty hostile - I'm finding myself just generally not okay with most of the thoughts running through my head, let alone the situtations I find myself in and the people I smile and greet.  Maybe this is a slap in the face to let some things go, but that's always easier said that done.  I find my mind clouded with inconsistencies and the words of invisible monsters - feeling at least two steps behind reality.

Have you ever felt like nothing is working out?  Where you just feel bombarded by a list of changes that never seems to get any shorter?  Maybe it's just the lack of sleep; maybe not.  Maybe I'm just tired to the point that I'm ready to close myself off in my room and pretend like nothing is really happening.  I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Anyways, now that I've filled the page with a rant reminiscent of my junior year in high school, I'm happy to say that my sister got here safe and sound from Portland yesterday.  The adventure begins.