Jordan Daniel

Whether Jordan is writing acoustically under moniker Borderline Angelic, scratching out club beats with experimental project Electric Dreams Fantasy Boy, exploring 8-bit sounds and field recording with the electronic Pareidolia, or even playing homage to David Byrne and early ska in Captain Sizzle At The CBGB - the founder of Sudden Epidemic and the "voice" of Jane Lane plays music wherever he goes.

When not dancing the tango with lady Music herself, Jordan enjoys croquet, Regina Spektor, cooking, The Dark Knight, Magic: The Gathering, composition notebooks, horror movies, Terry Gilliam, concerts, quidditch, Blue Indigo, Mel Brooks, Richard Linklater, Photoshop, the internet, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, milk, Stanley Kubrick, new wave, Moog, the color pink, and the number 136.

Today Changes Everything

What's the difference between a dream and reality? Somewhere between our hands waving through a thick, swirling collection of clouds and unbelievable blends of vivid color, we find our dreams. Somewhere between waking up every morning to an alarm clock at 7:00 AM and watching ourselves in the mirror like robots on display, we find reality. What chaos could erupt if they ever coincided? We are in immediate danger of love breaking out.

So I walk with a smile plastered to my face - painted on like a clown - but ever so genuine. Not fake or forced; just sincere. I can't help courses through my veins so strongly electricity. It is desire destilled and sold. It is power without corruption. Riches without money. Pure. Oh, how refreshing it feels to be pure. To feel something pure. Something raw and unforgiving...yet so gentle and accepting. I'm punch drunk and reeling; sitting down doesn't stop the world from spinning.

The pause of a breath; sometimes it's better to not think. Sometimes it's better to run rampant - this is your life, take it! Hurrah! Hurrah! It is better to be laughable and silly than the feel the cold, hard logic bite at your fingertips. It is better to dance instead of walk. It is better to say 'I love you' than to hold it back. This is your life, take it! Hurrah! Hurrah!

A lot of these feelings are beyond description...beyond limitation...somehow the words slowly sink out of fingertips in bursts of muddled inspiration. "I can barely breathe let alone speak." A million right words teeter on the brink of collapse...a gate of clarity. I know that you don't understand what I mean; that's okay. I don't understand either. I'm not trying to understand. I am so content just falling freely over the waves and passing whirlpools...I floating in harmony for the first time in a long time. How good it feels to not live in discord.

I'm finding a lack of inspiration today; I can't even find the right words to say anything. Maybe more later.